Myths and legends of Kyrgyzstan

An eagle with an olive branch (the legend about N.M. Prjevalsky)

The kyrgyz mountains are very high, but the eagles can fly higher.

Once upon a time there was a young and strong eagle in the mountains gorge. He attacked the herds fearlessly and there wasn`t any protection from him. The shepherds set their sights on catching him and killing, but they failed.

Nikolai Mihailovich Prjevalsky happened to be in that land and shepherd told him about this misfortune.

Once Prjevalsky was ill and lay in his tent. He happened to hear the sound of flying of big bird and look out to see it. The eagle had never been so close to human but that moment he was courageous because he felt a man was ill. He flew around freely, with his spreading - eagle wings and showing off his boldness and dash.

Prjevalsky strained his energy, rose up, took a rifle, aimed and shot into the eagle. The eagle fell down towards his feet.

Since that time the shepherds grazed their herds and when Prjevalsky died, the statue of eagle was put next to his grave. It is still their but now the eagle is keeping an olive branch as a symbol of peace and happiness of people.

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