Baet village, Issyk-Kul rayon.
Syrgak Abdrayev is a fisherman and spends his free time fishing. That night he began casting his fishing net a kilometre from the shore. It was almost midnight when he heard a splash and saw an oval object about 40 metres long, a hundred metres away from where he was. The surfacing of the object was accompanied by a loud sound resembling thunder or a muted explosion. The surrounding area was lit and Syrgak noticed that after the sound of the �thunder�, the electric lights in the village houses and the houses of the neighbouring resort faded. The guy was so afraid that he did not remember how he reached the shore.
A year later there was another meeting with the guest from the depths. It happened not far from the place of the first meeting. This time, about three in the morning a huge object appeared from the water without any sound or lights. The distance between the object and the boat was about 50 meters and a wave, which originated from the point of egress, was too big for the fisherman to think it was a hallucination.

Balykchi, Issyk-Kul region.
One quiet moonlit night, the adults and children went to Balykchy city beach for a swim. Suddenly they were struck by a huge plume of water, which emerged half a kilometre away from the shore and looked like a waterspout, which rocketed to the stars.
In 1965 a soviet Rainbow passenger motorboat was en route to the Red Sea. It was getting dark when an unidentified object emerged from the water at high speed and shot into the sky. A gigantic waterspout followed the object and then rushed back into the sea with a thunderous sound.
The object was of a spherical form and 60 metres in diameter. It climbed to a height of about 150 metres, buzzed in the air, lighting up the ship and the sea and went over the horizon at a fantastic speed.
Probably something like this took place in Balykchy and was seen by several night swimmers.

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