Villagers of Shaty village in Tyup Rayon have got used to miracles. The world around them is full of fairytale characters, spirits of their predecessors, inexplicable phenomena of other world forces and hidden secrets of nature. Everybody here knows about one phenomenon, which is connected with the.
�Shaty� in Kyrgyz means �a staircase�.

The main characteristic feature, which differentiates the inhabitants of Shaty from other Issyk-Kul people, is their respect for ancient traditions. Besides, they are fond of collecting antiquities. A collection of ancient silver and copper jewellery, which is worthy of any museum, crockery made from leather and wood, millstones, saddlery and harness, arrow heads and other ancient things are carefully passed down from generation to generation.
But the most valuable and fascinating are considered to be the balbals - stone statues of predecessors. Villagers of Shaty tell the most incredible stories about them.

Shaty balbals produce an unforgettably strong impression, being highly expressive and look as if they have been hewn fro stone by a great unknown Sculptor. Real features of people living on the shores of Issyk-Kul thousands of years ago appear on the stone surface. Numerous granite statues of women near Shaty village, is an unusual phenomenon for this type of ancient Kyrgyz creative art. The statues portray miraculous oriental beauties with large slanting eyes, delicate noses and tender plump lips.
The stone gallery was transferred to the museum from Kara-Batkak, an area between Shaty and Sary-Bulak villages. People living here for a long time do not like to speak about this place, as something mysterious happens in this exotic and seldom visited area. The mystery is connected with the messengers of the centuries - balabals, who have a special place in the life of Shaty people.

Lots of arguable opinions exist about balbals. The most popular is the opinion that in ancient times, predecessors of the modern Kyrgyz people made a hill over the tomb of the noble people of their tribe and set a statue, which faced east. Thus the dead person was materialized in granite and became the patron of the whole tribe. That is why the statues made by local sculptors were provided with many features inherent in living members of the tribe and at the same time were referred to as spirits capable of performing miracles.
The most striking thing about balbals is that they appear quite unexpectedly, especially at night. Anybody in Shaty can tell you numerous stories about the statues of predecessors, which suddenly appear in places which were quite empty the day before. Local people do not admit to any forgery or mysteries - their attitude towards the �stone people�, as they call the statues, is anxious.

The behaviour of dogs near such discoveries is very interesting. Dogs and do not want to approach a dead stone, as if some unknown force emanates from the stone, making the animals whimper, turn tail and run away.
These stories from our voluntary guides reminded us about the stories of crawling boulders in Death Valley in California. The movement of these slabs of stone can be visually perceived and they leave a clearly visible deep trace. King Arthur�s Stone in Wales went down in the history of UFO researches as a stone, which moves from one place to another. No less famous is the Blue stone on the shore of Plesheev Lake. The stone came out of the water onto the shore and this phenomenon was confirmed by numerous witnesses.
Representatives of official science recognize the existence of moving stones and provide some more or less acceptable explanations however, there is another hypothesis, based on the special properties of crystal grating on minerals.

The essence of the theory is in the ability of a crystal to accumulate great volumes of selected information and operate it in the way similar to the way a human brain works - in other words - the ability to think. Consequently we are dealing with a quite new form of life, which radically differs from our protein form. The level and quality of information received by protein structures and minerals from the environment are so different that one can hardly speak about any direct contact. Nevertheless, we often communicate with stones in our everyday life, using them as decorations and take into account their direct influence on people and their organism. One may suppose and it will be fantastic, a conflict-free coexistence of two types of reasonable life on one planet - protein compounds provided with intellect and thinking stones. The latter themselves choose the ways of communicating with the environment and on their own choose the place of their regular habitat.

Our readers may ask why the stones move in definite, selected places of the Earth.
To answer this question one should recollect the so called lay-lines, which are supposed to be hypothetic energy streams moving over the Earth�s surface and a network covers our planet. These power stones are known to have been discovered and registered by English scientists with the help of special instruments, in the 60s. The scientists were carrying out research of the Druids� sanctuaries. Where the lay-lines cross, they make the locality miraculous giving it phenomenal possibilities. Probably the Shaty anomaly is a place of such a lay-line intersection point, where stone slabs sculpted by human beings come to life and exhibit their wonderful abilities. Top

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