Black divers

In summer 1982 Lieutenant Colonel Zverev, was leading a training dive by a group of military skin divers in Issyk-Kul. Major General Demyanko, a commander of the skin divers´┐Ż sub-division, visited the place quite unexpectedly. The visit of a top-ranking official from Moscow spoke of an unusual situation.

At Baikal Lake military divers came across some underwater swimmers, who did not differ from people in appearance except for one peculiarity - they were not less than three metres tall! These creatures had neither aqualungs nor masks, only some spherical helmets. They were in tight wetsuits at a depth of 50 metres in the icy-cold water. A human being dressed in such a costume would have immediately died in these conditions.

A group consisting of seven skin divers was ordered to detain one of the strange swimmers. When the divers tried to catch one of the strangers with the help of a net, he easily repulsed all of them and after several seconds, these people found themselves on the surface of the lake. Immediate decompression caused aeroembolisms and the doctors could save only four divers. The other three died. This was the reason for the urgent visit of General Demyanko to Issyk-Kul - human-like amphibians had also been noticed in this lake.

Some time later the military received a special bulletin with a detailed description of unidentified swimmers-monsters and gigantic disc-like and spherical objects, which were noticed over these lakes. The UFOs appeared suddenly in the sky over the two lakes and dived at incredibly high speed. They emerged from the water at the same speed.

This document was classified as Top Secret.

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