Myths and legends of Kyrgyzstan

Burana tower

Once upon a time there was a khan with his beautiful beloved daughter. He loved her the m most in the world. He was very old and afraid of his deaf before watching his daughter would be happy. Once he called some sages and asked them to prognosticate the future.
The sages powwowed for a long time and predicted that his daughter would be the happiest in the world. But one of the eldest sages came ahead and told:
- Oh! My khan, let me be punished but allow to tell you the bitter truth. The destiny of you daughter is very sad and she will die from a spider (karakurt) bite before her majority. The khan looked at the sage formidably but the sage insisted on his point of view.
Let you prediction be cursed! - the khan told him and ordered to built a high tower till the sky. Under the tower was built a basement-prison where the sage was put in.
On the top of the tower was a small room, where the khan`s daughter began to live. She was brought food along a craggy stairway and this food was checked 3 times for existence of any poisoned spiders inside.
The time went on. The khan`s daughter began to be 16 and she was beautiful as a flower and fresh as a dew.
The khan came to her to congratulate on her birthday with some juicy grapes and thought about himself that the prediction would never be. He put the amber grapes near the feet of his daughter.
She leaned over to take some grapes and took the heaviest raceme and at the same minute screamed - she was bit by a spider, sitting in the raceme furtively. The khan couldn`t stand the deaf of his daughter and died at the same year from a grief. Since that time Burana tower has been standing lonely and only come and go people admire with its proud view and art of human hands, created this tower.

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