Myths and legends of Kyrgyzstan


Batken Karabulak village located in southern Kyrgyzstan has become known almost all over the country in recent years. These hills, according to local residents � were witnesses to the pure, true and great love of two hearts. Only here an amazing flower blooms every spring, where local residents talk about the legend.
Long time ago, a rich man lived in this part of the country. He had a daughter, Aigul with a face like a moon, who fell in love with the fearless warrior Kozu Ulan. But they were not destined to play a happy wedding. Aigul's beloved Ulan died. Ulan perished and his heart was brought to his village. Aigul could not bear the grief, thus she gathered her female friends and came to the top of the cliff, she then jumped off it. Shortly after, the rocks that were covered with Aigul's blood, had some flowers of incredible beauty grow there. These flowers were named Aigul and the rock was named Aigul-tash.
Aigul - Grouse edward Some say that Aigul flower may appear like an ordinary lily or tulip at a distance. In fact, it is not. Inside the flower you can see big drops of dew. Local residents say that these are tears of Aigul. Mountain that stands in contrast, bears the name of Kozu Ulan. Ulan in Kyrgyz means "wind".
The legend says that Ulan was known for his fearlessness and as a real defender of his motherland. No matter how much he loved Aigul, military duty was paramount to him. The happy parents had already prepared for the wedding but during a battle Ulan died with his reluctance to be captured. His heart was buried nearby Aigultash rock. Thereby two souls of amorous people were united. Since that time people usually come to the place to look at the unique flower. The fabulous flower, fearless warrior and his beloved Aigul are entrancing people with their beauty, patriotism and devotion.
Flower Aigul is an amazing miracle of Batken. The scientific name of a flower - hazel Edward. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it does not grow on the sunny side of the mountains. Aigul is one meter in height, with long green leaves that grow around the stalk. Its yellowy-red petals look like a bell. Aigul blooms in April, so every year this month Batken region celebrates this flower.
The shoots appear only after 7 years and the first flower appears after next 7 years only in the full moon! Then every year one vivid orange flower appears, that is why looking at Aigul flower, its easy to count its years. It is said that people saw plants with up to 34 petals. However, to witness how Aigul flower blooms is suppose to bring you luck.
Experts noted that this plant is endemic, thus Aigul grows only in a particular area and nowhere else. This bulbous plant starts to bloom and bear fruit on the 7th year. This flower grows only in Kyrgyzstan on the Turkestan ridge, and is a very rare plant, which is why it received the status of protected species.
It is the most decorative and beautiful. Such bright colors are very rare in nature. Its main advantage in garish beauty is the fact that there are so few of these flowers. In addition, Aigul is used in folk medicine. The bulbs of this flower are used to treat gastrointestinal tract and liver diseases. This flower is in the Red Book.
Tourists often visited the territory where Aigul flower grew, constantly tearing it, this way local residents would earn money selling this flower. Now the flower is nationally protected from this , which prohibits the felling of a rare flower and cattle grazing in the area where Aigul grows. Currently, anyone who will attempt to pick this flower will be fined.

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