Travel information in Kyrgyzstan


Visa-free regime in the Kyrgyz Republic

The list of the states concerning which citizens the unilateral visa-free regime within 60 days is entered
1. Australian union
2. Republic Austria
3. Kingdom Belgium
4. Bosnia and Herzegovina
5. Vatican
6. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
7. Hungary
8. Federal Republic Germany
9. Kingdom of the Netherlands
10. Greek Republic
11. Kingdom Denmark
12. Iceland
13. Ireland
14. Kingdom Spain
15. Italian Republic
16. Canada
17. Republic of Korea
18. State of Kuwait
19. Latvian Republic
20. Lithuanian Republic
21. Principality Liechtenstein
22. Great Duchy Luxembourg
23. Republic Malta
24. Principality of Monaco
25. New Zealand
26. Kingdom Norway
27. United Arab Emirates
28. Republic Poland
29. Portuguese Republic
30. Kingdom Saudi Arabia
31. Republic Singapore
32. Slovak Republic
33. Republic Slovenia
34. United States of America
35. Finnish Republic
36. French Republic
37. Republic Croatia
38. Czech Republic
39. Swiss Confederation
40. Kingdom Sweden
41. Estonian Republic
42. State of Qatar
43. State of Brunei-Darussalam
44. Kingdom Bahrain


Currency The national currency of Kyrgyzstan is the Kyrgyz SOM. There are no any problems with money exchange in Kyrgyzstan. $US or EURO are widely accepted in exchange offices throughout the country. It is advisable to exchange banknotes of $100 and $50 banknotes. Smaller denominations, especially worn ones and those with stamps or marks on them lose their exchange rate value.

General travel advice
Most travellers encounter no problems ó but occasionally things do happen to upset your plans ó but that doesnít mean to say that they will be a disaster.
Before you leave: Study your destination : learn a little about where you are going and plan your visit. Learn about the local laws, customs and climate. Learn a few useful phrases in a local language. Your itinerary may well change ó but try to be clear that you know and understand the main points. Get a good guidebook, and maybe a phrase book.
Once you arrive:
Local laws: remember that, as a visitor, you are subject to the laws of that country. Especially do not get involved with narcotics. penalties can be very severe and there will be no sympathetic treatment because you are a foreigner. Be especially careful at borders. Never carry a parcel or baggage for another person, donít cross borders with people you donít know or in someone elseís vehicle - donít accept lifts. Remember - ignorance of the law is not a defence. Also, remember that you may also be liable under the law of your home country for some activities.
Valuables: keep your valuable possessions (passport, money travellerís cheques etc.) with you at all times and keep your bag held close to you. Preferably keep your passport separate from other ID - donít risk losing them all together. Donít leave valuables (that includes documents) unattended in your hotel room or vehicle. If there is a safe - use it. Lock valuables out of sight. Donít take anything you would hate to lose.
Baggage: do not carry baggage through customs for other people. Pack you own baggage and donít leave it unattended or in the care of a stranger. Keep an eye on it at all times - especially in crowded areas like airports, bus stations etc.
Money: try to avoid being seen as ęrichĽ - where possible use local currency and do not have large sums. Keep money, credit cards etc. distributed between several pockets. Avoid using unofficial exchange offices. Make sure you know if you need receipts when changing money - in Kyrgyzstan you donít. Carry a list of contact numbers for reporting lost and stolen cards etc.. Have two credit cards - and keep them separate. Make a note of any credit limits and donít exceed them.
Theft: Keep to well lit streets and avoid short cuts, dark alleys etc. Try not to travel alone at night. Keep aware for people who might be ędistractionsĽ for bag snatching and pickpockets. Report all thefts to the local police as soon as possible. If confronted or threatened, give up your valuables, ęyour money and passport can be replaced - you canítĽ
Dealing with strangers: Be careful about what information you give to strangers, especially your home contact details, details of your itinerary and your hotel room numbers. Donít let strangers into your hotel room - if you are meeting visitors - meet them in the hotel lobby. Be careful when drinking with strangers.
Taxis: avoid unofficial or unmarked taxis. In Bishkek there is a taxi agency which is reasonable and responsible.
Driving: If you are involved in an accident contact your insurers as soon as practically possible. Protect your vehicle against theft and donít leave your documents in an unattended vehicle.
Post: If you decide to post some things home - be careful to observe the rules about what can be posted - and what canít. Donít post things that you would hate to lose. Ask how long it will take. Make a note of any details of the package and ask for receipts of postage. If you send postcards - donít be surp[rised if you arrive home before they do.
Avoid public demonstrations and large crowds. If there is trouble on the street - stay indoors. Keep yourselves informed of current affairs that may affect your personal safety whilst travelling abroad.

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