Alpine skiing resorts

Over 90 percent of the Kyrgyzstan’s territory is dominated by the mountains. The season for skiing starts in December and finishes in the beginning of April.
This can be a perfect holiday for a family and/ or friends, which can give high levels of energy for the week ahead of you.

Tourist centre “Kashka-Suu”

It is located on the northern slopes of Kyrgyzstan’s ridge 35 km away from Bishkek city, 2000 m above the sea level.
Within the tour-centre, there is a hotel, which supplies 65 rooms, a restaurant, bar, sauna, billiard-room, summer cafe, conference hall and a winter ice-skating ring.
Cable elevator road: distance of uphill path: 1365 m, differential of heights: 380 m, speed: 2m/sec.
Tow-rope road: distance of uphill path: 861 m, differential of heights: 260 m, speed: 2,5 m/sec.
Distance of the path and differential of heights: 1) 2010 m: 380 m. 2) 1685 m: 380 m. 3) 1625 m: 380 m. 4) 1665 m: 380 m. 5) 1480 m: 380 m. 6) 1150 m: 260 m.
Accommodation: $60 a day per person. This fee includes 2-3 bedroom room with all the necessary household conveniences; meals, use of the hotel, fee of the cable elevator; tour transportation; registration in the OVIR (if required).
Alpine skiing tour: November – March.
Sunday relaxation in the mountains: all year-round.

Tourist centre “Oruu-Sai”

It is located in the natural boundary of Oruu-Sai 35 km away from Bishkek city 2100 m above the sea level.
The skiing season here starts earlier than anywhere else and finished later than anywhere else. There are always 3 cable elevators that work parallel each other, one of which is situated above the hut and in the shadow of the mountains. The descend is much steeper here and therefore it is strongly recommended to avoid skiing in this area. After every snowfall, the road at the crossroad of Oruu-Sai and Kashka-Suu, is cleared by the bulldozer. There is a hotel within the territory of the tour-centre. It has 2-4 bedroom facilities, bar, billiard-room, table tennis, sauna, dinner party and banquet area.
Routes: first route – 1000 m, medium difficulty level, second route – 800 m, and third route – 850 m for the extremists.

Alpine sking centre “Norus”

It is located 37 km from Bishkek city.
There are routes of different categories of difficulty ranging from children’s to professionals. Cable elevator roads used to ascend to the top of the routes. There are snow hills, which are made for kids in order to ski using sledges. There is also a helicopter ground, from which it is possible to descend towards the routes and the cable roads. There is a restaurant within the tour centre, which offers European and national cuisine together with other facilities such as bar, club and billiard room.

Alpine sking centre “Toguz-Bulak”

This centre is situated 49 km away from Bishkek city 2300 m above the sea level. The skiing base is equipped with a cable road. Distance of the uphill route is 2000 m. Differential of heights is 400 m.There is 9 routes of different levels of difficulty as well as 2-3km distance variation.
There is a hotel within the centre, which offers 40 sleeping facilities, 2 separate houses for 2 and 6 persons, 2 bars, sauna, cafe, equipment-hire facility and parking.
Squarecycle and snowmobile can be hired for which there is an allocated route. There is also a snow park situated within the centre.

Alpine sking centre “Orlovka”

It is situated 100km away from Bishkek city. Height 1300-1900 m.
Cable elevators: cable roads
Routes: overall distance – 3200 m, “Malysh” (“Baby”) – 200 m.
Accommodation: 4 cottage houses / 8 rooms, 1 cottage house – for 2-3 persons.

Alpine sking centre “Karakol”

Modern skiing centre Karakol is located 7 km away from Karakol city (Issyk-Kul region). During Soviet Union, this centre was used for training the country’s Olympic team.
In 2004, this centre has been fully modernised. Today “Karakol” is an ideal place not only for training sportsmen, but also for an active holiday.
Within the skiing centre “Karakol” there are:
• 4 cable elevators ( two 2-seater and two 3-seater)
• Hotel
• Small houses-chalets
• Restaurant
The centre is 2300 m above the sea level on the slopes of Tian-Shian and is surrounded by the majestic conifer forests. Mild climate, which is influenced by the non-freezing high-mountainous Issyk-Kul lake, allows achieving maximum pleasure from skiing. In the winter, the temperature of the air barely ever drops below -5 degrees C, and due to most of the days being sunny, there is an opportunity to ski as well as sunbathe at the same time.
The ski season begins in November and proceeds until April. Thickness of the snow ranges between 1,5 to 2,5 metres.

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