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Hallo Anayolii
Thank you very much for everything, it was very fine, Artem is a perfect guide.
Good luck.
Milo, Slovenia. June, 2018.
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Frank, . , 2018.
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Luxemburg A week has past since the moment that we left Kyrgyzstan via Moscow. It seems that we departed at the right time as it started to rain hard. Overall, the trip was quite successful despite the issue with the car. Once again thank you so much for all your help especially for assisting us to find another driver. Artem was not only an excellent driver but was a good guide too. We managed to complete our route despite the weather worsening with the snow. Once we arrived to Son-Kul, it was snowing only at the top of the pass. On the shore of the lake it was dry. It started raining towards the evening, which turned into snow during the night. The next day after the snowstorm, the landscape near the lake transformed into a white desert, with snow everywhere whilst the strong wind persisted.
It was cold in the yurta during the night, but we slept fine. We decided not to stay for the second night, therefore we descended via the pass "32 parrots" down to Naryn, where we spent the night at a guest house.
We then spent the next two nights near caravn-saray named "Tash-Rabat" in one of the yurtas by the guard of the monument. As the snow melted, we were able to ride the horses to the pass, where we could view the Chatyr-Kul. However, we could barely see the lake due to the clouds in the mountains. Hopefully, we can return to Kyrgyzstan again.
I find it difficult to establish what exactly I enjoyed as everything was wonderful. If the Kyrgyzstan did not possess such nature with its geography I doubt that I would have considered coming back. On this note, Kyrgyzstan is by far more interesting than the neighbouring counties such as Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Although, Tajikistan also has beautiful mountain landscapes.
It would have been also interesting to visit Saimaluu-Tash, on the territory of which, is a large amount of numerous petroglyphs. To my understanding, it is difficult to get there, even in the summer. This place is not very famous and therefore very rich in its archaeology.
Best wishes,
Thomas, Luxemburg. September - October, 2017. Photo report.

Canada Hi Anatoly
I am fine, thank you. I didn't stay in Canada very long before à friend invited me to Iceland and Denmark. I am just leaving Copenhagen for a cycling tour.I will be back in Canada after September 18. I will send you some of my best and, of course, pictures of the children at Bash-Kaindy. Thank you.
Safe travels and best wishes!
Bill. Canada. July - August, 2017.
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Masao. Japan. April - May, 2017.
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Russia For a long time I dreamed of visiting Kyrgyzstan - this Central Asian Tuscany with Swiss colours of mountains and hills. Finally I managed to find a weekend and book a hotel as well as create a tour with the help of Anatoly.
On the first day, I walked the whole of Bishkek - a green and quiet city with wide streets and a Soviet (but at the same time harmonious and adapted to local culture) architecture. I tried tan and koumiss, very delicious and nutritious drinks. At the post office, I sent myself a postcard from Kyrgyzstan (which has already arrived).
I liked the paintings of artists with a snow leopard at the local Vernissage. We ended the day in a teahouse of Jalal-Abad - an inexpensive and lovely café with traditional cuisine.
The next day, together with Anatoly and Peter, I visited the tower of Burana, Kegety waterfall and sanatorium Issyk-Ata. On our way, we stocked up on traditional delicious hot flat bread made in the tandoor (special oven).
The Burana Tower of the 11th century is an archaeological hit of the country, the UNESCO site, the capital of the Karakhanid Khaganate on the Silk Road. A small museum, a collection of balbal - the stone tombstones with images of faces and stones with rock paintings. Then, we visited the Kegety waterfall in the picturesque gorge.
On the way, we stopped to drink delicious spring water and eat Anatoly's earlier prepared snack in picturesque places near the transparent mountain streams. We visited the resort of Issyk-Ata, which was used for the rehabilitation of cosmonauts during the USSR. The resort is known for its thermal mineral springs, in one of which I swam for half an hour. There are sources that are believed to be beneficial for the eyes.
There was also a famous stone with the image of Buddha (and on the reverse side of the stone is no less famous character, you have to come and see who that is for yourself).
Overall, it turned out to be a short, but very spiritual journey, complete relaxation and distress from the office and the city bustle. Anatoly and Peter know everything about Kyrgyzstan. They are very friendly and enthusiastic people who themselves continue to visit and study the most hidden corners of this beautiful and pleasant country.
Moscow, Russia. April, 2017. Photo report.

We had a great vacation! Thank you very much for your help!
We listened to your advice and travelled via a bypass highway to Cholpon-Ata.
The road was good and it was a pleasant journey. We passed through a beautiful mountain pass which had a lot of stunning scenery.
The first place of our visit was the Aurora. The Aurora resort was situated about 15 km from Cholpon-Ata. It looked like an Aurora cruiser, so it was easy to find plus there were signs on the road to indicate its location. We did not like it in Aurora as it was gloomy and dark - very large accommodation facilities with very few people. The rooms were not quite fresh and there was presence of cigarette smell.
We decided to check out the Kyrgyz Seaside. The resort was located in Bostyri which was about 5 km away from Cholpon-Ata. The ratio of price \ quality \ comfort were quite satisfactory therefore we decided to stay there. Their standard rooms were not so good; superior rooms were very reasonable and the suites consisted of two rooms.
The next day we went to the doctors and were recommended some procedures.
The resort had decent food choice; it had swimming pool, sauna, pool table and table tennis.
On the first Saturday, we went to the hot springs. They had 7 swimming pools with hot mineral water of different temperatures. We very much enjoyed it. They were outdoor swimming pools surrounded by snow. It was hot in the water whilst cold outside!
On the same day, we had our dinner at Barashek (The Lamb) restaurant. I enjoyed the food; the interior was very nice; live music; the service and the prices pleasantly surprised us - I would certainly recommend this restaurant.
On Sunday, we drove 130 km to Karakol to ski. The nature was very beautiful with great mountain-ski slopes, so we had a lot of positive impressions.
One of the days, we went on a boat around Issyk-Kul lake. The tour lasted about 1.5 hours, where we had a talk about the lake, the fish, etc.
On the last day, we visited the Ruh Ordo museum. This was a big open-air museum, a very large area it was an interesting and informative tour.
Overall, we have been left with very pleasant memories of Kyrgyzstan, the capital Bishkek, and the Issyk-Kul lake.
It is very likely that will visit again in the summer!
Thank you for your help!
Maksim. Kazakhstan, Balkhash. February, 2017.

Day Trip from Bishkek.
Anatoly warmly meet us at our hotel at our requested time of 8:30am. It was grey and foggy as we drove through the streets with Anatoly and our driver Peter. Although we didn't speak much Russian we communicated easily and chatting along the way. Once outside of Bishkek the fog cleared and we headed south to Burana Tower. We arrived at Burana Tower and we were the first tourists to arrive. The area is beautiful with mountains in the background and you can feel the fresh air away from the city. The large minaret in the Chuy Valley was established in the 9th Century and was later the capital of Balasgan. We visited the museum and the Balbals in the surrounding area. We climbed the steep steps to the top of the minaret for a beautiful view to the mountains and surrounding area. Before we set off again we had tea and biscuits with Peter and Anatoly while wild dogs snacked on our leftovers.
After Burana Tower we headed into the mountains to visit Gorge Kegety and the frozen waterfall. Again the area was very quiet and we were the only tourists as we passed through small local farm villages. The frozen waterfall was breathtaking as we stopped for a while to explore and take photos. We then drove down to the river to eat lunch. Anatoly and Peter prepared a tasty lunch of cheese and ham sandwiches, chocolates, biscuits and some nice hot tea to warm us up as we lunched next to the river overlooking the mountains.
Finally, we headed to the gorge Issyk-Ata where the old Russian sanatorium with hot springs is located. The sulphur rich water is believed to treat a variety of illnesses. We bathed in the outdoor hot spring which was wonderfully warm around 38c while the outside air temperature was -10! A perfect way to end the day!
I would highly recommend Anatoly and his driver for trips within Bishkek.
Matthew and Rachel. UK & USA. January, 2017. Photo report.

USA We wanted to thank you and Jura again for safely showing us around Kyrgyzstan. We appreciated the trip to Son Kul, and also all of the spectacular sights along the way. We especially enjoyed seeing the Bactrian camels, the friendly people (especially the kids at the felt shop), camping in a yurt, and the unforgettable scenery at the lake. Faith tells everyone about our trip and also how much she appreciated the Vodka that helped her feel better on that last day. We will remember the trip forever and hope to see you again on our next trip to Kyrgyzstan
Best Regards,
Matthew & Faith Awkerman. USA, Bettendorf, Iowa. September, 2016.
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During our travel through Kyrgysztan we were not only overwhelmed by the breathtaking landscapes but also the friendliness and open heartedness of the people. We saw a lot of different places, the beautiful Iyssk-Kul lake, the Semyonovka Valley, the vibrant capital Bishkek and the wonderful Talas region.
Everywhere we were welcomed with open arms, great interest towards our trip and nobody ever hesitated to share their stories.
Our trip with Anatoly and Jura was a great experience, both were very kind and helpful to us, they showed us all the great panoramic spots along our way and they certainly had the most entertaining stories. It was a pleasure to explore this beautiful country, especially also on horseback, with our two experienced guides. We hope to return soon to Kyrgysztan and see even more of its nature, people and culture.
Szabolcs, Zsofia. Germany. September, 2016.
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Russia Kyrgyzstan a small, squashed in the beautiful mountains, country could not leave us indifferent. Its land is rich in its historical, cultural and natural attractions. Mountains of all shades, mysterious Issyk-Kul lake, medieval fortresses, mountain waterfalls with clean water, herds of horses and herds of cows.
They love Russians here, respect USSR and cherish national traditions. We were fortunate to have met wonderful people, our guides Anatoly and Yuri, who let us discover this beauty and who organised our leisurely activities. We entrusted ourselves with their experience and knowledge, and therefore we plunged into adventure where each new day overwhelmed us with emotions.
Regardless of where we went, all of our trips were interesting and fulfilling, with clarifications and explanations, shrouded in legends and fairy tales. We were not rushed, we just admired and absorbed everything we saw so that during the cold evenings we could reminisce this beautiful country, these wonderful people and our heart-warming memories of our holiday and the desire to return again.
Irina Viunova. Russia, Saint-Petersburg. August, 2016.
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Thank you!
Our hike through the Alamedin Valley was the highlight of my visit to Kyrgyzstan! It is a beautiful location with picturesque views, horses grazing, far from any cars or roads. We hiked for 6 hours at a comfortable pace, taking breaks when we wanted. A tea break and a nice picnic lunch were included. We reached a beautiful waterfall before turning back. We also visited a pool with warm thermal water which was the perfect end to the day. Anatoly was a great guide and took photos for us throughout the trek which he sent us afterwards. A perfect day!
Highly recommended.
Kristina, United States. Kai, Germany. August, 2016.
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Kazakhstan This is not the first time we travel with Anatoly to the wonderful places in Kyrgyzstan, where there are fields full of poppies, rare tulips, mountain snowdrops, lush green foothill gorges, full-flowing waterfalls - all of which you can see in the spring time in Kyrgyzstan. For the first time, we collected mushrooms which was very interesting.
In the early morning, we arrived to the territory of Karakhanid Kagante, visited Burana Tower, whilst not disturbing the living of the ancient town of Balasagun, during a sunny day we swam under the waterfall in the picturesque Kegety gorge. In the evening, we visited cloud-hidden secret gorge of Issyk-Ata which is famous for its healing springs and ancient image of Buddha - this is something we dreamt of seeing and at last this dream became a reality, whilst travelling around Kyrgyzstan. Thanks to Yuri for his interesting and funny stories about mountain adventures.
Once again, thank you for such wonderful and unforgettable impressions! We are looking forward to visiting again!
Best wishes, Tatiana, Yury. Kazakhstan, Temirtau. May, 2016.
Photo report.
Latvia I had a fantastic day trip with Anatoly and Piter (sorry if the spelling is wrong). Anatoly created the itinerary for me to suit my availability and he did a great job. We went to Burana Tower, and have fresh strawberries on the way. After that we went to see the waterfall in Kegety Gorge, followed by a picnic lunch at the most beautiful place ever. Anatoly and Piter picked a spot away from all other tourists. From there we went to Issyk-Ata, where we bathe in the hot spring mineral pool, and then went to a trout farm, where we caught some trouts, they cooked it and we ate it. It was a perfect day, full of a mix of activities in a very short time.
Anatoly and Piter were very helpful and friendly, with good amount of banter that made me feel like going on a trip with friends rather than in a tour. Anatoly and Piter went beyond being a guide, they were flexible in the trip and adjusted the itinerary to my requests, and even given me some homemade local wine!! I am very happy with this trip, and i will definitely recommend Anatoly and Piter to anyone who wants to see this beautiful country.
Thank you and i hope i will get the chance to come back and do a longer trip with you guys.
Tatiana, New Zealand, September, 2015. Photo report.

Israel Dear Anatoly,
We would Luke to thank you again for the perfect day we had in Kyrgyzstan. So happy we had a chance to do that with our connection and hope to be back for a longer trip next time!
Thank you very much,
Yael. Israel, Jerusalem. September, 2015.
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Kazakhstan We would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to Olga and Anatoly for the excursion to Sokuluk gorge. It was a beautiful picturesque place - the waterfall amazed us with its lightness and airiness, the out of reach Black Kremlin, and most importantly the best part of a good holiday was the people around whose love for the nature was not business but a way of life.
In the gorge, we filled out lungs with air as we could not get enough of it as it was enriched with various herbs and different plants.
After the walk to the waterfall, slight tiredness was elevated by a nice lunch in the fresh air near a mountain river, after which we did not want to leave Belogorka.
We fell in love with Kyrgyzstan a few years ago and with every visit we discover new beautiful places!
Best regards, Tatiana, Yury, Michael. Temirtau, Kazakhstan. August, 2015.
Russia I have finally gone through the photos taken during our cycling-trip around Kyrgyzstan.
Thank you so much for organising the transfer for us. We travelled over 1000 km in 21 days, tackling 11 mountain passes such as Kegety, Tosor, Kok-Airyk and many others. We have visited Son-Kul and Issyk-Kul, Przhevalsky Museum and Jeti-Oguz gorge. And many others. We have enjoyed many traditional dishes - kuurdak, lagman, shorpo, kaimak (clotted cream), kumys (mare's milk), and a variety of fruit.
Almost the entire team was in sunny Kyrgyzstan for the first time, where we all left with overwhelming impression and sun-burnt .
On the way back, we also took advantage of contacts to reach the airport. Contact information of the website and phone numbers, we will indicate in the official report of the cycling trip where our tourists could ask for help from.
Here, a small photo report on our entire trip ...
Thank you again!
With best wishes,
Mary. Russia. August, 2015.
Montenegro Anatoly, I send my impressions. Important to add: this is how I, as an independent traveller with some knowledge of Russian. I've visited more than 80 countries, but this includes some very big ones (Russia, USA, Brazil, India and China) and I travelled extensively through those; all together maybe 700 cities or distinct geographical regions in the world. Visited Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and had a wonderful time in each of the 'stans; 'wonderful' as in some more than others.
Kyrgyzstan. This is a country with a potential to earn some serious buck from the tourism industry. Kyrgyzstan has a beautiful and varied nature; there's no risk that visiting several valleys in mountains of a different location or some of a dozen of popular lakes would lead to the repetition of experience.
I guarantee that every single experience will be unique; no way I could say: "oh, this trek reminds me of the one I did three weeks ago, or this lake is very much similar to the one I saw in a different part of the country".
Unfortunately, the tourism industry is still in its infancy in many places. The facilities could be poor or non existent in the less frequented attractions. Fortunately, many of the activities can be done DIY totally independently. Doing the trekking DIY is very inexpensive; three days of trekking light with transportation to, eg trailheads, full board in homestays/yurtstays cannot cost more than USD40, that is, per person for three days. Those carrying tents and their own food probably won't even spend USD20 pp for three days of trekking.
The yurtstays would vary in quality of services. The herders whose primary income comes from herding animals and who have a yurt or two designed to supplement their income from tourism are the best. The yurtstays that are there solely in the service of tourism, ie owner's main income comes from tourism, are the worst value for money and, my opinion, should be avoided.
Community Based Tourism (CBT) is a great concept, but it's a hit and miss experience. Some of their offices are fine with providing the information you need, but others are there to sell the guide on treks where the guide services are totally unnecessary. Sometimes the cook has to accompany the guide and sometimes it's impossible to hire a mountain bike without having to pay for the guide as well; this payment in addition to the costs towards his mountain bike as well as for his food and accommodation! Not making this up, check some of the itemised price lists available at CBTs. The worst thing is that they won't act helpfully sometimes if you refuse to buy their services. They told me on one occasion that I'll get lost without the guide even though I did so much research beforehand and I was convinced I wouldn't get lost. Also, I had a feeling that they do make some money on arranging transportation to, eg, trailheads. It seems to be their favourite source of income and possibly the easiest. No one has ever given me good info on marshrutka going my destination, but they were very keen to arrange the driver to take me there. In a nutshell: fine, polite and informative, but don't fall for the transportation or guides stories. I wrote in my entries where the private transportation or guides may be needed, otherwise it's DIY.
I didn't feel I was being overcharged in Kyrgyzstan. The exception being the shared taxis where the overcharging may be attempted. This could be avoided by answering their question "skolyko dash?" (how much do you give/offer) by "skolyko est normalyno" (how much is normal (to pay) meaning how much others pay). If it sounds high then tell them you're going for marshrutka and you don't mind waiting for one. Guaranteed the price will go to or very near the "normalyno".
Just to finish on a positive note as the experience about Kyrgyzstan was really super positive. People of Kyrgyzstan are lovely and friendly as elsewhere in Central Asia. They're very curious about the outside world and they're genuinely interested in visitors' backgrounds. They asked me about the nationality, why Kyrgyzstan, how did I get there, what I've seen in Kyrgyzstan, what next. And of course the unavoidable questions about the private life.
What fascinated me in the beginning is that they found it hard to comprehend that I'm traveling for a year. They quoted several reasons for this: how is it possible that I can afford not to work for one whole year, how is it possible that I saved money and I can afford to travel for a year, how come that I left my wife and kids for a year, how come they're not with me etc. The worst thing they heard from me, horror and disbelief on their faces, was that I'm actually spending this somehow saved money on travelling instead of making some house improvements of buying a half dozen of horses. Then I stopped telling the truth and I lied that I'm in the region for a month or so; this was much more comprehensible.
Also, sometimes I really got bored with questioning and I thought of an exit strategy which would be "nye panyimayem po ruskii", but I had no heart to implement it since the majority were genuinely interested about my background and were very happy that I chose Kyrgyzstan as my travelling destination.
With best wishes! Goran. Montenegro. August, 2015. Photo report.

Vadim, Germany. July, 2015.

Photo report.
Russia I would like to sincerely thank you for a wonderful trip on the 4 July led by Peter and Olga. It was a pleasure to have spent time with them. I hope that this was not the last trip together.
Thank you again and until next time!
Rustam. Moscow, Russia. July, 2015.

Olga, Elena. Moscow, Russia. May, 2015.

Photo report.
Russia Thank you for the photos and tour! Of course, we would like to see the mountains, but in general it was interesting. Weather, unfortunately, impossible to predict and change even more. We have become accustomed to, because they were in many places and not always lucky with the weather, but we still try to spend time with pleasure!
Thanks again!
Svetlana. Russia. November, 2014.
Austria Thank you very much for this wonderful day !! We already miss the mountains near Bishkek.
All the best.
Steffen. Austria. October, 2014. Photo report.

Lithuania Poland Kyrgyzstan is a very beautiful country, we liked it very much. It would be nice to return in the spring, when everything is green and blossoming. We really enjoyed our first few days, when we visited Kol-Tor lake - the colour of the water was of nothing I have seen before! Wonderful!
Sleeping in the yurta was also very interesting, horseback riding around Son-Kul lake and boat riding on Sary-Chelek lake. It was a very beautiful lake.
We have visited Chon-Tuz, the salt tower, where now sanatorium is located - very interesting! The trekking was very good - the height that we have never been up to. The one thing that we did not anticipate for was the weather - we hoped for warmer nights. Hence, we only spent one night camping around Sary-Chelek lake. It would be lovely to return there again when it is warmer.
We decided to go straight to Bishkek. After sightseeing the capital, we even managed to go to the cinema to watch Kurmanjan Datka.
The only downside was the Altyn hotel, which had a good location but the rooms were not very nice and the reception was not pleasant. We changed it to Futuro, where the price was similar but the rooms were better.
The tour guide was good - we had very fascinating conversations. It was curious to learn how young people live in Kyrgyzstan, what they think about and what they dream of.
Thank you so much for your organisation and planning, we were very happy and will continue to reminisce our trip, and will hopefully return in the pstring once it is greener.
Agata and Tomek. Lithuania, Poland. September, 2014.
Russia We are well rested, swam back all black. Drove around Issyk-Kul, were in salt lake, canyon Fairy Tale, on Barskaun waterfalls, in Grigorievsky Gorge, Cholpon-Ata in the museum and Ruh Ordo. Of course, time was short, so we have to be even a bit of traveling. The next year, probably will not work, and after a year can be come.
Hi Peter, thanks for the Ala-Archa.
Yura, Tamara, Nadia. Russia, Moscow. August, 2014.
UAE Dear sir. Anatoly,
I really would like to thanks a lot from deep of my heart for the wonderful and imaginative tour to Ala-Archa gorge , forest and waterfall. The tour was very organized and fantastic; we were very happy for everything from lunch, car, driver, interpreter and planning. Thank you very much for your warm welcome and kindness. You are really very nice person and with professional skills in hiking and with valuable knowledge. Once again, Me and my brother Darwish would like to thank you a lot a lot for everything and we wish you success in your business and life.
Nada and Darwish. Dubai,UAE. 01/08/2014

Photo report.
Russia Anatoly, we already miss the mountains and our mountain adventures. Our work routine has consumed us here again, but thanks to you we have something to remember. You saved our little vacation, bogged down in the dust of the city. Our heads seem to be in place, but our souls seem to have remained wandering through gorges of Belogorka and Kegety. I do not know how or when, but we will meet together again to enjoy the mountain air, drink water from the spring, leave traces of our shoes on the snow of the white peaks. Yes, yes, on the snow - next time we will get to the snow, up to the clouds. Thank you again for the most thrilling experience! See you soon!
Basil and Anna. Russia, Voronezh. July, 2014.

Photo report.
Russia I will exclusively recommend Kyrgyzstan!

With much gratitude and love to my friends from Kyrgyzstan!

And with special thanks to Anatoly for allowing me to see the whole huge world in just one short week!

Russia, Moscow. June, 2014

Everything went fine, the tour was good organized. Daniyar, despite his young age, seemed to us a very experienced guide. To him you can was to address on any issue - from historical references on sightseeing before the purchase of souvenirs. In the mountains If we have difficulties in passing some road sections helped.
I liked that the tour except for the mountain part included also visit and sightseeing three cities - Bishkek, Karakol and Cholpon-Ata.
We were all satisfied with everything.
Sergei. Russia Moscow. May, 2014.
Russia Dear Anatoly and Yuri!
Thank you very much for the excellent organisation and support of my mini tour around wonderful country of Kyrgyzstan. I could not imagine that in such a limited time of my stay in Kyrgyzstan you were able to make a private tour for me to see everything that I wanted.
Only in 2.5 of these bright, saturated and spectacular days that I spent traveling around Kyrgyztan, touring: Bishkek - Burana Tower - Naryn - Tash-Rabat - Issyk-Kul - Bishkek. In this short period of my stay, I was able to see and climb Burana tower, visit the indoor and outdoor Burana museum, visit the caravanserai Tash-Rabat, sleep next to it in the tent, visit mountain passes and waterfalls along the road, fortresses, see the lake of Issyk-Kul and tour around Bishkek city. And it's all for one person!! Super!
If it is possible, I would like to return to you again, and see the places I did not manage to see ....
Special thanks to the driver Yuri for the journey that was easy and pleasant in all respects.
Once again, I want to thank you and wish you - so welcoming and hospitable people, as well as professionals of the business - good health, good humor, and a good and long tourist season!
Basil, Moscow, Russia. 09-11.05.2014
Photo report.
Russia Dear Anatoly & Yuryi, we would like to express our gratidute for such a brilliant and memorable trip around beautiful Kyrgyzstan. When preparing for our trip in May holidays, we were convinced that we will have a good time...however, we did not anticipate that it would be so much fun. Thanks to you, we have discovered another spectacular place in the world. Your love to your counrty has been transferred to us also. We would like to particularly note your responsive attitude to each one of us. It did not matter that the weather terrified us, we still felt the warmth of your love to your country, people, to life...
Thank you so much for our May holidays, which have energised us with such incredible emotions...
The best of luck and success to you and in your new tours, and also happy and satisfied clients.
Helen, Alexander, Tatiana, Irina and Irina. Russia. May, 2014.
Photo report.
Israel Dear Anatoly, We returned home safely after a stopover in Tashkent. The trip to Kyrgyzstan as a whole was a great experience. Roman is a very professional and careful driver. Aziza speaks very good English, she is highly communicative and friendly, knows a lot about Kyrgyzstan and is willing to learn and to respond to questions. The car was well equipped. The first part of the tour was more impressive than the second one. Days spent around Issyk-Kul could be used for seeing more attractive sights or for hiking in less touristic trails.
The accommodation was good. As a whole was very enjoyable and Aziza and Roman were excellent.
Best Ron Harris. Israel. July, 2013.
South Africa Anatoly was our tour guide on a very snowy day in February, and we spent an amazing day walking through Ala Archa National Park. It was definitely one of my favourite days in Kyrgyzstan, and I feel very lucky that I arranged this tour with Anatoly - I recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone who wishes to discover the country's beautiful countryside.

André. South Africa. February, 2013
Photo report.
Dear Anatoly.
Thank you for organising our trips to beautiful gorges and also thank you so much for your warm welcome, kindness and care. We were fascinated by the beauty of nature in mountainous places of Kyrgyzstan, but most of all the gorges around Ala-Archa. If the opportunity presents itself we will visit you again.
Best wishes,
Petra. Germany. September, 2012.

Photo report.

Yura, Galina. Russia, Ufa. July-August, 2012.

Photo report.
Russia Anatoly was our guide for our group during the photo-trip in the gorges around Issyk-Kul lake and also in the trip to Son-Kul lake in June 2012.
With Anatoly's planned and thought-through recommendations, it was possible to build the desired route.
Everything was clearly and accurately designed, prepared and carried out.
Anatoly is very responsible, positive and responsive individual. Therefore, I am very happy to have met him and to our cooperation together.
I would really and truly recommend Anatoly to anyone who wishes to explore the amazing world of Kyrgyzstan's beauty.
Regards, Constantin Dikovsky.
Russia. June, 2012.

Photo report.
India Hi Anatoly.
This is my blog about my trip in Kyrgyzstan. Its not complete. Hope you like it.
Gopal.S, India. May, 2012.
Israel Hello Anatoly.
I visited Kyrgyzstan with Amira. You have organised the most wonderful tour for us with Volodya as our driver and guide, and Bermet as our translator. Both were excellent and very nice and we enjoyed their company.
Friends of mine will be visiting Kyrgyzstan in June. I've given them your name and e-mail and I am sure you will hear from them soon as they know how wonderful our tour was with you.
Please say hello to Volodya (tell him his honey was a great success here....) and to Bermet.
Take care and best regards to you.
Ruti Millar, Israel. May, 2012.
India I fall in love with Kyrgyzstan, especially with its beautiful mountains and forests! They are so amazing, you feel one with the nature and it gives an energy. I hope that one day I will visit Kyrgyzstan again!
Shrikant Udas, India. March, 2012.
Israel Dear Anatoly, thank you for arranging this very special tour of Kyrgyzstan for us. We all enjoyed it and for sure will recommend our friends to visit your so beautiful country. I apreciate very much your care of us and just sorry we could not speak and know better each other. The team you chose: Anatoly and Tioma, Alex and Berma - they all were great and made their best to let us enjoy the trip!
So thanks again and take care, my best regards!
... Dear Anatoly, 2 days ago, our group which travelled Kyrgyzstan had a party. In this party we all saw the film you made of our tour. All of us were very happy with the film, which is a great gift of you for us. So, many thanks on behalf of all 10 travellers!
Gidi, Israel. July-August, 2011.
Photo report.
We would like to thank you very much for the wonderful experience in Kyrgyzstan. You have a beautiful country with amazing mountains and we are so glad to have seen them so intimately through your guidance and recommendations. Anatoly was very helpful, his prices were fair, and he even made us a lovely lunch for our hike. Our only complaint is that we did not spend enough time with him during our visit to the country!
-Scott and Krista (USA, November, 2010)
Photo report.
This is my second trip to Kyrgyzstan this is a very beautiful country to visit and i have met very beautiful women and we plan to marry in the United States later this year. Anatoly is a very good tour guide he took us to many nice places and was very helpful with arranging my meeting with my fiancee Aigulia i am very happy with my experience here.
Paul, USA. May, 2010.
Austria For two weeks we traveled with our team through Kyrgyzstan, having a great time!
Anatoly, our tour-guide, is a trustful and knowledgeable person, Natali, our English interpreter, was a big help for us and much fun to be with and not to forget Valodija, our driver, who managed the worst roads, taking us up into great hights and far-flung places. We enjoyed our trip very much and brought home many unforgettable memories and pictures!
Kyrgyzstan is an interesting country with faszinating traditions and beautiful landscapes - mountains, canyons and the wideness of the steppe. Don't miss staying in a yurt!
Annabelle and Horst from Austria. June, 2009. Photo report.
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