Express Tours

(one day trips to the nature and excursions)
1. Belogorka
2. Ak-Suu
3. Ala-Archa
4. Chon-Kurchak
5. Alamedin
6. Issyk-Ata
7. Tuyuk Issykatinsky
8. Burana, Tower
9. Kegety
10. Burana Tower - Gorge Kegety - Issyk-Ata gorge
11. Karagai-Bulak
12. Kel-Tor
13. Shamshy
14. Kichi-Kemin
15. Chon-Kemin
16. Konorchok, canyons
17. Kok-Moinok, canyons
18. Skydiving
19. Paragliding
20. Rafting on the River Chu and Chon-Kemin
21. City tour of Bishkek
22. Flying in an ultralight aircraft

1. Belogorka, gorge Sokuluk (may-october). Gorge Sokuluk (Belogorka), Waterfall
The gorge is located to the south-west of Bishkek, at a distance of 72 km. At Sokuluk valley lies the village of Tash-Bulak (Stone brook), it is still known under the Soviet name Belogorka, which was once a thriving farm.
In this wonderful place there is one of the highest waterfalls in the northern Kyrgyz Range. Its height is 60 meters. The falling water does not reach the ground, it defuses and turns into a water cloud. The path to the waterfall takes only 1 hour. It is often called "Pigeons’ Waterfall" (not to be confused with the same famous waterfall as Chon-Kurchak). You will pass through the wild shrubs and flower meadows.
Among the mountains there is a path leading to highway Kochkor - Suusamyr, which once used for trespass of flocks of sheep through the mountains. Currently this pass is not used because it is impassible. There is a route between the gorges Sokuluk and Ala-Archa through the passing - Lake District (3900 m). Top

2. Ak-Suu Gorge (may-october). Ak-Suu gorge
Distance - 80 km. One of the valleys of the Kyrgyz Range. Traveling from Bishkek, you can easily get to this narrow canyon, turning towards the mountains after the Belovodskoe village and passed the village of Kyzyl-Dyykan. Here you will be able to see the first Christian church built in Central Asia. The road runs along the mountain river further towards the mountains to the famous "Ak-Suu" water source, which is currently closed. If you turn left before the water source, you can visit the waterfall and swim under it. There is good fishing and there are plenty of mushrooms there. Top

3. Ala-Archa (yearly). Ala-Archa gorge
This trip acquaints with the Kyrgyz National Nature Park “Ala-Archa”. It is situated 41 km away from Bishkek in the Kyrgyz Ala-Too mountain range at the height of 1600m- 4860 m. (Ala – “motley, skewbald, striped”, Archa – “juniper”). The gorge is very popular and the most frequently visited by tourists is the Ak-Sai waterfall. There are approximately 150 routes here from the most simplest to the more complex walls up to 1100m high. There are four mountain huts, three of them are small (approximately 4x4 meters), one made of stone, more comfortable, can locate 20 people. It is a three-hour walk from the end of the road in the Ala-Archi canyon to the big hut at the Ak-Sai parking lot. Others gorges such as Ala-Archa - Adygene, Topkaragay, Tuyuk, Golubina are visited much less.
The park's best offerings are trekking and climbing in rocky, icy, spruce-clad canyons up to an elevation of almost 5000 m above the sea level, which are removed from civilization and require serious preparation.
On the trekking route to the Adygene waterfall there is a cemetery of mountaineers from where you can also see Korona (“Crown”) Peak. Other route is to Ak-Sai waterfall and glacier. The park abounds in wildlife, including eagles, ibex, Marco Polo sheep, wolf, bear, lynx, boar and the rarely seen, often talked of snow leopard. Top
4. Chunkurchak (Chon-Kurchak) gorge(april-november).
Chon-Kurchak Canyon Distance - 31 km. In Chon-Kurchak canyon, you can see the most unusual and beautiful waterfall. This waterfall, called Pigeons’ Watering, beautiful in the summer and the winter. The water falls into a crevice along the cliffs from a height of 40 meters. Along the shores you will find a wild mint, and on the slopes there is of a lot of thyme. It is very easy to get to the waterfall. If you walk on the mountain path down the hill, a deep gorge will open in front of you with this magnificent waterfall. Top
5. Alamedin (yearly). Alamedin valley
Alamedin valley - one of the most striking sight-seeings of the Kyrgyz Range to the south of Bishkek. The village of Koi-Tash, 30 km from Bishkek - is the intersection of the four roads: one - from the capital, the other leads to the west across the range of the Pigeon Falls" in Kashka-Suu. Third road goes east towards Issyk-Ata and the fourth - towards Alamedin valley. The mountain valleys and the river (one of the largest rivers flowing through Bishkek) cascades down to the Chui Valley.
10 km from this place is where the "Warm Springs" sanatorium located. At an altitude of 1800 meters, there is a swimming pool with natural hot water from the water sources and cottage - houses located up the road.
Behind the cottage-houses, there is a great view of the alpine valley - a place ideal for a day trip out of town. There are also hiking trails through the mountains. You will see waterfalls, meadows with mushrooms and berries, juniper, birch forests, glaciers, The Usechenko peak (4650 m) and the valleys, leading to the west. Top
6. Issyk-Ata gorge (yearly). Issyk-Ata gorge
Issyk-Ata -a popular year-round recreational complex. Located 75 km from Bishkek, at an altitude of 1775 meters above the sea level. After the Silk Road, Issyk-Ata became a place of pilgrimage. In the authenticity of these facts there is a huge stone with the image of Buddha seated in lotus posture, dated 12 century.
Translated from the Kyrgyz language, Issyk-Ata means Hot Springs, and the present purpose of this place is the religious pilgrimage. Here you can make a small excursion to the waterfall.
The road to the waterfall passes through the territory of the holiday resort and takes about 30 minutes. On the way to the waterfall you will see a great mountain, 4019m above the sea level. If you wish and if the time permits, we advise you to visit further gorges with the second and the third waterfalls. On your way back you can enjoy the healing mineral water from the outdoor mineral springs on the holiday resort territory. Top

7. Tuyuk Issykatinsky gorge (may-november).
Issykatinsky Tuyuk, Issyk-Ata gorge Located within 80 km south-east of Bishkek. It is very popular. Tien-Shan spruce, birch grove, buckthorn, a waterfall, high-altitude lake. There is a house which remained after the old Soviet camp site, where you can spend the night. Top

8. Burana Tower (yearly). Burana Tower
Located 70 km from Bishkek. Historical and Architectural museum- complex Burana Tower, which is one of the main attractions in Kyrgyzstan. The presence of the magnificent monument, two rows of defensive walls, as well as the wealth of utensils found here suggest that the settlement belonged to the major political centers. It is believed that there was a capital of Karahanids - City Balasagun. The museum displays exhibits, which were found in the city as well as delivered from the other parts of the republic.
These stone sculptures are gravestones monuments of nomadic Turks Vl-X centuries., the petroglyphs are ll millennium BC - X in. BC, agricultural tools made of stone, monuments and epigraphy, etc. Top
9. Kegety gorge (yearly). Kegety Gorge
Located 85 km (to the waterfall) south-east of Bishkek. The actual waterfall is located within 100 meters and can be visible from the road. If you are a thrill-lover, then you can swim in the water falling down from more than 30 meters above. Further up the road you will see a beautiful pine forest, where you can stay and eat. On the way back you can visit the Buraninsky city to look at the remains of the former capital Karakhanid Kaganate Balasagun (Burana tower was built in the 12th century) and stone balbal were gathered here from all over the Chui Valley. Top
10. Burana Tower - Gorge Kegety - Issyk-Ata gorge (all year).
Visit the open-air museum Burana. Inspection of the waterfall in the gorge Kegety. A walk to the waterfall and swimming in the pool with thermal water in the Issyk-Ata gorge. The length of walking. Top
11. Karagai-Bulak gorge(may-november) Karagai-Bulak gorge
Located 75 km from Bishkek and is beautiful fir forest. There is a birch grove there. If you travel to the end, you can get to the farm, where the German family makes the most delicious mare in the Chui Valley. Top
12. Kel-Tor gorge(april-november). Kel-Tor gorge
Amazing landscape. Highland Lake. Cascade of the most beautiful waterfalls. Guest-house for relaxation. Top
13. Shamshy gorge (april-november). Shamshy gorge
Located 85 km from Bishkek. The slopes are steep and narrow (35-45 º). River Shamshy flows through the gorge. In this gorge there are thick trees presented by fur-trees and other evergreen trees, which are a source of charming scents. This area is a place of residing wild hogs, deer, ermines, hares, Turkestan lynx and a stone marten. Lake Tuyuk-Keltor (2725 m, 0.2 sq. km) is a sight – seeing, which is located on the top of the river Tuyuk, and the waterfalls, that cascade down the river of Chon-Keltor, in the right inflow of the river Shamshy.
Gorge Shamshy, in opinion of many people, is the most beautiful gorge of the Kyrgyz ridge. The golden mask of an ancient beauty – the Shamshy queen was found here. Top
14. Kichi-Kemin gorge (april-november).
Ak-Tuz Distance - 160 km. It was once, the largest plantation for processing very rare earth metals and the mountain ore – the heart of Ak-Tuz, is the small settlement, named in the honour of the natural boundary, is located at 2600 meters above the sea level. Ak-Tuz in translation from Kyrgyz means the “White Valley ". Due to the large amounts of salt, clay has a whitish colour. There are the finest birch groves there and an enormous amount of mushrooms!
Has a construction project of the mountain-skiing base. Top
15. Chon-Kemin gorge (april-november). Chon-Kemin
The “Chon-Kemin” zone includes the valleys of the Chon-Kemin and Kichi-Kemin rivers between high ridges of Zaalaisk and Kungey Ala-Too. This zone is located 150 km east of Bishkek city following the road towards the Novorossiysk village. The valley of the Chon-Kemin river, stretches for more than 100km from west to the east, and is amazingly beautiful. The platforms of rocks, near the rough river, are decorated with fir trees, mountain ash and barberry. The forest is so thick that it is impossible to distinguish individual trees from a distance. The slope is as if covered with gigantic rags of dark-green velvet.
The top of Chon-Kemin valley widely covers jailoo Kek-Oirok, which is famously known in the republic. On the territory of the Chon-Kemin valley, there is a national natural park “Kemin”, which provides sports-health recreation activities. These include mountain, water and horse-riding tourism.
In the floodplain of the Chon-Kemin river, below the Novorossiysk village within the 500 hectres, is located Kemin State Zoological Reserve, intended to protect pheasants and hares. In the natural boundary of Kapchygai within the 280 hectares, the Kapchygai state botanical reserve is placed, where places of Ephedra are protected. Top
16. Konorchok, canyons (march-may, september-november). Suluu-Terek, canyons
An amazing place - a fairy tale.
Wind and water art museum; the wind and the water, which created unique shapes and forms of red clay rocks. Top
17. Kok Moinok, canyons (yearly). Kok Moinok, canyons
12 canyons. The real country of Aeolian Castles. Top
18. Sky-diving (april-october). Sky-diving
With us, you have a chance to jump from a height of 800-900 meters, and thus experience the thrills and unforgettable impressions of your life. Top
19. Flying on a double glider (depending on weather conditions). Paragliding
The height of 300 m. The flight lasts 5-10 minutes. Price 1500 KGS.
The height of 1000 m. The flight lasts 30 minutes. Price 4800 KGS.
The flights are made in the area of the memorial complex "Ata-Beyit".
The price includes transportation to and from the place of the flight, as well as video.
20. Rafting on Chu and Chon-Kemin Rivers (may-october).Rafting on Chu River
Breathtaking view of the recreation. Top
21. Sightseeing of Bishkek City (yearl).Sightseeing of Bishkek City Top
22. Flying in an ultralight aircraft (flights are carried out according to weather conditions).  Flying in an ultralight aircraft
All flights are operated under the control of an experienced pilot. Aircraft Capacity - up to three seats. Implemented liability insurance for each seat, the pilot, as well as to third parties.
20 minutes of flight - 10,000 soms.
60 minutes of flight - 25,000 soms.
The flight can be carried out along the route according to your desire and proposed below:

Kant - Kalynovka - Boom - Rybachie - Tamchi - Cholpon-Ata - 1 hour 15 minutes.
Cholpon-Ata - Salt Lake - Cholpon-Ata - 1 hour 20 minutes.
Cholpon-Ata - Karakol - Cholpon-Ata - 2 hours.
Cholpon-Ata - Grigoriev Gorge - 20 minutes.
Cholpon-Ata, flying along the coastline - 20 minutes - 2 hours.
Cholpon-Ata flights on the waters of Lake Issyk-Kul - 20 minutes - 2 hours.
Cholpon-Ata - Barskoon gorge - 1 hour 30 minutes.
Cholpon-Ata - Ortho-Tokoy Reservoir - 1 hour 30 minutes.
Kant City - Lake Son-Kul - City Kant - 2 hours.
Kant - Alaarcha Reservoir - Kant - 15-20 minutes.
Kant - Alaarcha Gorge (alpine camp) - Kant - 1 hour.
Kant, familiarization flights over the region - from 20 minutes.


If you wish to have a 2-3 day-tour, please write to us and we will make it possible for you.

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